Positive Thinking

Well here we are again talking about effects of how we feel and how it effects us both physically and emotionally.I like the positive reinforcement side of this.
If we are what we think and believe,how come we all aren’t millionaires or movie stars,or super successful?
It comes down to our own mind,how we view everyday things and how we react to differing circumstances,how we feel about ourselves in general.
This is also talking about attraction and the laws of it.positive energy,thoughts,ideas,and emotions attract the same positive environment.

When we say we’ll give it a try,it means I will do it but it will probably fail.

If you say you can’t do that,you can’t you just set up limits for yourself just by saying it.

I can and I will have become very important words in my vocabulary.I try to keep myself in a positive frame of mind,I know that it is not easy.But if i say I can then I can………

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