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Today I attended a one day class all about screen printing for textiles,not just about it but hands on start to finish at TECH SUPPORT silkscreen supplier in Pittsburgh Pa. As I had no formal education in screen printing other than YOUTUBE ,and the handy dandy Speedball screen printing kit which I did okay with.The tees I printed came out okay,but my knowledge and ability to coat and burn the screens were a travesty to say the least.The last video I posted of myself printing was the first time I used those big screens which I had just purchased,some stuff came out great and some not so great.

So the purpose of myself attending this day course was to better my all around screen printing skills. The class walks you through Screen Printing from choosing the correct screens for the image,coating them with emulsion,burning the image and then printing on tees using both plastisol and waterbased inks.All the way to the last steps of cleaning the screens to reclaiming the screens(taking them back to a clear screen).Alot of info was gone over during this session,only two other people attended so a small class to learn more.

The other two attendees,one who was just starting a business and the other who was from the art side of the screen printing industry who was moving to the production side of the business.And last but not least myself taking my skills to the next level in all around screen printing,so  keep your eyes open for some new tees in the not too distant future.

Sorry no pics from the class,as I was too busy doing the hands on…..ya know! I did print two different shirts one a three color plastisol,and a one color waterbase.Pictures are posted on Instagram,and also SLO MO Facebook.So the moral of the story is you should never stop learning,and never ever,ever,ever,quit on your journey in life. So get on your grind cap and hustle,hustle,so you can be where you want to be in Life,Love,etc………

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