How it came to be…SLO MO

SLO MO as some know came to the surface in Dec 1993…………

It started in Kin Aza Okinawa Japan.As I became a member of the Exodus Crew,a group of people who hung out at the local Reggae club .They were some great times we had nights at the club,and days barbecuing,hanging out eating,drawing,listening to music,playing video games,and most of all enjoying our friends company.

Now I had been working on my own clothing label for a couple of years,or should I say I was searching for the Logo that would be the one to push forward on.After becoming a member of the Exodus crew it all kinda fell in place the wording of the logo to the design of it.

So as time progressed I let it fall to the side of the road of life,now I never let it be forgotten to myself  and never gave up on the idea of a business that started from a crew of people hanging out.Each member of the crew and all additional people throughout the years whom I consider members influenced the idea We had of what SLO MO was and what it meant to be a member of the crew.


Now here I am bringing SLO MO back to the surface.


It’s not just a name,it’s a way of life

It’s not just a feeling,it’s a state of mind

It’s not just me ,it’s my friends and family

It’s everyday people,living everyday lives

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