Stepping out

Sometimes we just need to disconnect ourselves from the phones,computers,tablets,the great technologies that make our lives so great to have these technologies to take away the boredom of everyday living! Notice the sarcasm there at the end….
A couple of weeks ago the wife and I went to a cool car show out in Carlisle Pa,it was a great day and got to see some really cool cars.I will be posting that here soon with a lot of pics that I took that day,now today they’re having The Three Rivers Art festival in Pittsburgh so we’re going to check that out take some pics,check out some art,and enjoy ourselves.
This is what wicked awesome sunny days are for,hanging out with family,and friends,and unleashing ourselves from these technologies that have a rep for keeping us from enjoying the moment cause someone updated their wall…..

Get out and enjoy the day techno free…..

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