Summer time

Here we go starting the summer of 2016 with some wicked good weather.Been working the full time job like crazy 12 hour days,5 sometimes 6 days a week.But it has been said if you want something,or to go somewhere you got to get off your a$$ and hustle.Hustle and grinding here at SLO MO as you know we now have Ladies t-shirts available as well as the existing unisex tees.
So who’s gonna be the first to rock SLO MO on their block,stop in the store and place an order for your summer tees.When you get your t-shirts take a picture wearing it at your favorite summer hang outs.Or better yet at the welcome sign of where your from,I’ll use them as part of the blog maybe even use it as advertisement,or look book.
I will start printing up some new designs here very soon,we will post some pics of some prints we’ve done in the past.Plus some pics of new ideas to come.So by buying a t-shirt you’re supporting a small veteran owned business,and showing some love for SLO MO.

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