Unplug from the matrix

Last night on a wild spur of the moment idea,I decided to go out dancing with my wife.No big deal right,well it was a big deal,it had been month’s since we last unplugged from the matrix to unwind and just enjoy one another’s company without the smart phones,facebook,instagram,pinterest.We danced for like 3 full hours,wow it was great just moving and seeing the look of pure pleasure in her eyes.The music could have been a bit better in my opinion,but do you know what it didn’t matter as we moved as one and lived in those moments not worrying about anything else in the world.
Just as in the morning I will stop and look Heavenward and enjoy the sunrise or spectacular skyline for a moment and have my coffee.When I get out of my car and look skyward and gaze at the stars that line the sky,sometimes even sit with a cold drink and watch the fireflys in the empty lot next door.Those moments are Instagram moments in my mind,living in that moment just enjoying that one thing.
We are being trained to not live in those moments,to hashtag it and not truly immerse ourselves in those fleeting instances.
Which brings me back to the night of dancing,glimpsing around the dance floor seeing so many people awkwardly standing around talking and watching us dancing in the corner.While they text,drink,and update statuses,and never truly letting go and living in the moment,,,,dance like no ones looking,sing like no ones listening,I’m not sure how to fully explain those feelings at those moment and throw cautions and inhibitions to the wind and fully immerse yourself in life ,and enjoy..

Gato 21

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