Worst Blogger Online

Ya like that title,kind of an attention grabber but not far from the truth! Okay well maybe I’m not the worst blogger,I could add more content regularly.Here we are the end of the year holidays seasons,updating the blog once again.I apologize for the lack of posts here,as I just completed a lifestyle shift from one field of employment to one a lot closer to my aspirations in life.As some who have followed our journey here with SLO MO know the clothing brand has always been a big dream of mine/ours the crews past and present.Working a full time gig and grinding on the side to bring this to fruition…..
Working full time and side grinding kinda gave me excuses to not post as much on the blog and more on the Facebook and Instagram sites.Also cause they’re more convenient to post content on a cell phone,while not having the tablet handy.So my blog postings have been few and far between! Once again gaining some forward momentum after picking up the ball.
As I am still learning this blog thing out I didn’t respond to a lot of remarks and messages about the posts.As a matter of fact a ton were deleted by yours truly,trying to sort the good ones from the spam at the time was mind numbing. I did read almost every one sent,so with that said I will answer some of the questions we received :
-A lot of problems with the blog uploading on Internet explorer and others,sometimes words running off the screen…..I will be researching this.
-Problems with the RSS not working,will be researching.
-Our fault as we have not set up email subscriptions or e/newsletters
-Others using WP having been hacked,yes we had the same issue here ie I deleted a ton of comments cause was not sure if one had been used to hack the blog.
-Plagiarism of my articles by others on the web,I mean if you use one of my posts please give me a little credit.
-None of my post topics were paid for by any groups,companies or others that were mentioned in the articles.I wrote about them because they either inspired or taught me something or just the experience was just that good.
-And no we haven’t started a Twitter account as of yet,I could see all my blunders fueling some major laughter.
And to get back to what matters the most,you the readers.Thank you for all the comments both good and others.Thank you for visiting the blog and referring it to others…almost forgot you can use the info laid out here in your groups and classes,just remember pass on our name. And with that I bid thee goodnight and stay warm as it is about 28 degrees fahrenheit here…..


And before I forgetĀ  Happy 242 years Marines,and don’t forget those who had,are,and will be serving in the future thank you for your service to our country and for the freedoms we enjoy due to your sacrifices.Semper Fidelis!

Gato 21

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